We are currently meeting for in person Sunday Worship Services and other events involving our food bank. 

This can change as the constantly evolving situation warrants, so please check the church website for the current schedule.


Joy Divine Community Church is continuously evaluating the Covid 19 outbreak.  The church will follow both federal and state laws in regards to
Covid 19.  We will also follow the recommendations of the CDC and other health organizations.  Most importantly we will trust in God for this crisis.

We ask that if you are feeling unwell or have any of the following symptoms then please refrain from visiting our campus or food bank at this time.  If you are experiencing any normal flu like symptoms like a fever, sore throat, body aches etc.  In addition the following symptoms are specific to the Covid 19 virus like loss of smell or taste.  It is recommended that if you are experiencing any of these symptoms then please seek out the assistance of a medical professional.

If you have any high risk health conditions like a heart condition, high blood pressure, diabetes, and COPD like lung conditions it is recommended that you refrain from visiting or campus and food bank at this time.

We put our faith in almighty God in heaven to deliver us from this Covid 19 virus.  We are a church filled with love and caring for our church family as well as our community.  This virus will not stop us from doing God's work.

Joy Divine Church - Covid 19 Response

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Joy Divine Community Church